Inclusive Indiana Foundation - Who's it for? People of all abilities, looking for a place to socialize and play.

Adults and Kids Enjoying a Park
Everyone deserves a Park like this

Welcome to the website of Inclusive Indiana Foundation, Inc. non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity. The foundation was created to meet the needs of the community for spaces that would allow meaningful side-by-side interactive socialization and play for people of all abilities. After thorough research and careful consideration, Inclusive Indiana in collaboration with groups in the special needs community as well as citizens at large, determined the community would best benefit from the following additions to our community:

Our first project, Champions Campus includes The Miracle League of Indianapolis, Our Park Above, and Splash Pad. 

Everything we do is designed with EVERYONE in mind.  We demonstrate the difference between "ACCESSIBLE" versus "USABLE" throughout our campus including spacious and accommodating restroom facilities.

Everyone deserves a place to play and feel free of man-made barriers.