How We Got Here

Park bench in a grassy, tree-filled park.
A park bench can be a lonely place to be at a park...

We need our park in Indiana. It isn’t just about children born with special needs. 

It is about all individuals who have special needs through illness, disease and injury including our service men and women and our elderly. 

It is about adults with special needs who cannot engage meaningfully with their children at the park who must sit on the sidelines out of reach of their children unable to assist them. 

It’s about siblings who cannot play side-by-side. There are many people who feel isolated and abandoned because they cannot meaningfully socialize and engage in activities side-by-side with their families and friends.    

As of 2014, Indiana has a population of over 6,499,800.  911,700 of those individuals have one or more disabilities with over 475,000 of them having mobility issues. This data just scratches the surface of why we need our park in Indianapolis.

But don't just take our word for it: