Our Mission

Mission Statement

Inclusive Indiana Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity. Created to meet the needs of the community for spaces that would allow meaningful side-by-side interactive socialization and play of people of all abilities. After thorough research and careful consideration, Inclusive Indiana in collaboration with groups in the special needs community as well as citizens at large, determined the community will benefit from this wonderful addition to our community. 

Tandem slides

     Board of Directors:

       Dennise Ettinger    

       Bill McGowen 


       Del Bock


       Jennie Schulte-Riedl

       Will Lawson, Attorney


       Laura Burke, RN
       Theresa Treep, MD

       Administrative Volunteers:

       Lauren Edwards, Administrative    

       Jeff Davies, CPA

Child Swinging in therapeutic swing
Swings that add safety and security!